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Amphibian Ark must raise $50-$60 million to save 500 of the most endangered species. While a $100,000 corporate or philanthropic gift allows a donor to “adopt” a frog species (or a toad, newt, salamander, or caecilian) and have the option to join scientists on a rescue mission, Amphibian Ark is asking you to support the companies below, as a percentage of the sales made from these books and other products are being generously donated to the Amphibian Ark.

You might also like to consider helping the AArk to deliver its programs by becoming a Contributing Member.

 P is for Pangolin
P is for Pangolin

AArk T-shirts

Treefrogs…prehistoric survivors
with a global message

Amphibians and Reptiles

Help a Frog

If Frogs Could Talk



Urodeles T-shirts

Frogs of Panama


The Lilypad List


PP is for Pangolin is for Pangolin

P is for Pangolin, an alphabet of obscure, endangered and under-appreciated animal. Written and Illustrated by Anastasia Kierst.

What is a pangolin? Better yet, what is a yeti crab and how does it grow food? Learn fun and fascinating facts about these and many other little-known creatures from across the globe. Each animal is richly depicted in bright, playful watercolor illustrations. The back of the book features four teacher resource pages with thought-provoking activities written by the author, a certified teacher. In addition, there is a section dedicated to conservation for readers who want to take action. Even avid wildlife enthusiasts are sure to learn something new from this extraordinary alphabet book. Personalized copies, signed by the author are available.

The author, Anastasia Kierst, had her heart stolen years ago by an especially charming, one-eyed, three-footed Vietnamese Fire-bellied Toad named Lucky. She has been enamored with amphibians ever since.

Head to the Catching Summer shop, and be sure to mention Amphibian Ark in the “Note” section after clicking the “Add to Cart” button. $1 USD will be donated for each book purchased.

AArk T-shirts
Amphibian Ark T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts

Show your support of amphibian conservation by proudly wearing one of these great quality shirts! There are many different designs and colors, in men’s women’s and children’s sizes.

Some of the items feature our partners’ breeding programs, and profits from these shirts will go directly to supporting these programs.

Head to the AArk clothing store at www.amphibianark.org/AArk-products.htm and check out our clothing items.

Amphibians and Reptiles – An Introduction to Their Natural History and Conservation

Intended for Middle School-age and older readers, Amphibians and Reptiles – An Introduction to Their Natural History and Conservation is a comprehensive, lively, and extensively illustrated introduction to the fascinating world of amphibians and reptiles.

The book is written by award-winning author Marty Crump, a prominent herpetologist and long-established advocate of amphibian and reptile conservation.

Dr. Marty Crump is an internationally respected and award-winning herpetologist, author of numerous non-fiction books on natural history. With over 40 years’ experience as a herpetologist, the author is well-qualified to write this current book. Dr. Crump has agreed to donate a percentage of all sales of this book for Amphibian Ark conservation projects.

For more information about the book, including pricing and a special “New Title Discount,” visit McDonald and Woodward’s website at www.mwpubco.com/titles/amphibiansandreptiles.htm

Treefrogs…prehistoric survivors with a global message

Special offer!! – Ted Shiffman is offering a $5.00 discount off each copy of Treefrogs…prehistoric survivors with a global message sold via the AArk shop. Order yours now from www.imageartisan.com/treefrogs.html – be sure to add the AA10 code to your name when you order!

Treefrogs…prehistoric survivors with a global message, takes us on a photographic journey visiting the lilliputian world of treefrogs living in the backyard habitats we share.

The author, Ted Schiffman, has been a photographer for forty years. He developed an interest and direction in color photography as a natural outlet for his many years of training and study as an artist.

Photographic instruction, information, and guidance are provided for the reader and the aspiring wildlife photographer in the section, “How the photographs were made.” This book will encourage any photographer to pursue macro photography of treefrogs with confidence.

Ted will donate 10% of all sales made through Amphibian Ark to AArk conservation programs. When ordering, please add a space after your name, and then the code AA10 e.g. John Doe AA10. This beautiful book can be ordered online at www.imageartisan.com/treefrogs.html – be sure to add the AA10 code to your name when you order!

Urodeles T-shirts

Urodeles is the web site of a group of a French group of newt and salamander enthusiasts. They have developed a great range of T-shirts and sweatshirts, in a range of colors and styles, and all profits from the sale of these striking shirts are being donated to AArk. The site is written in French, but viewing and ordering the shirts is very easy!

Please visit the Urodeles shop and order your shirts now – they make great gifts!

Help A Frog

30-50% of amphibians could go extinct in your lifetime.

Adopt-a-Frog – Basic kit includes frog plush, adoption certificate, info about amphibian conservation. Kits for dogs and babies also available ($30-60). Adopt a frog today!

Art Prints – Strawberry poison frog or painted reed frog11”x14”or 18”x24”plus certificate of authenticity & matting ($45-95). Learn more here.

Note cards – 10 unique photographs, incl. cards + envelopes ($10/set) More information.

100% of proceeds support conservation of the critically endangered Large-crested Toad (Ollotis cristata).


Froguts, a developer of Bio-eLearning software, is widely known for its computer simulations of dissections and labs for K-12 and Higher Education. Our software engages students with highly immersive and interactive simulations of anatomy and physiology. It uses audio narration, captioned text, and realistic 3-D, to deliver key concepts within the theory and foundations of Biology. Each topic is presented in a layered systems based approach that integrates inquiry as well as National Science and Technology Standards. Students are assessed after each level with randomized quizzes or tests, and are given a printable certificate when they complete each module.

University studies indicate that simulated dissections like ours significantly enhance comprehension of the curriculum objectives when used in conjunction with traditional dissection. However our software was also designed to be effectively used as stand-alone program, in lieu of lab costs and set up time. In doing so, Froguts supports both approaches and empowers educators to engage even greater numbers of students with essential biological concepts. Our online service  provides all the following modules: Frog, Squid, Starfish, Cow Eye, Owl Pellet, Fetal Pig, and Genetics Lab (Pea Lab and Fruit Fly Lab). To learn more about us please visit our web site at: www.froguts.com

Froguts is proud to donate 30% of all sales from this page to Amphibian Ark.

Please complete the form below to purchase your copy.

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School Online Subscription: $400/year (Includes home use for all students).

“If Frogs Could Talk”

If frogs could talk to us what would they say? In If Frogs Could Talk, frogs do talk to special children all over the world to tell them how important frogs are and that they need help from us. One of those frogs, Harold teaches his new friend Grace all about frogs, how they live and what makes them important and why we need to help save the frogs.

Harold is very happy that this is the year of the frog and wants to donate half of all the profits from this book to Amphibian Ark, a most worthy organization that realizes just how important frogs are.

To find out more about Harold and his story, please visit www.frogdaze.com/If_frogs_could_talk.html

Never kiss a frog – Save one instead!

Amphibian Ark has partnered with Marilyn Anderson, author of Never Kiss a Frog: A Girl’s Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp to create specially designed ToadBags™ with the slogan, “Never Kiss a Frog – Save one instead!”.

Be GREEN! These 100% cotton ToadBags™ are perfect to replace plastic supermarket bags and make terrific goodie bags for meetings, conventions and fundraisers.

Your purchase of these unique and fun tote bags results in a contribution to Amphibian Ark. Visit FrogMart to order now.

For bulk sales or fundraising information, email directly to: marilyn@neverkissafrog.com

“Frogs of Panama”

Dr. Douglas C. Woodhams, author of Frogs of Panama is donating the profits of sales of this book to the Amphibian Ark.

Travel to the depths of the Panamanian jungle with Dr. Douglas C. Woodhams as he explores the brilliant diversity of amphibians and the impact of disease on their ecology and populations. This photo journal published by blurb.com contains over 100 color photographs of frogs and amphibian research biologists in action.

All proceeds are donated to the Amphibian Ark for conservation of amphibians. See Frogs of Panama to order your copy.

“The Lilypad List: 7 steps to the simple life”

Marian Van Eyk McCain, author of The Lilypad List (published by Findhorn Press, Scotland) donates one third of all royalties from this book to the Amphibian Ark.

Satish Kumar, Editor of Resurgence magazine, describes The Lilypad List as: ‘A book of profound insights, at once inspiring and practical. It shows an elegant way out of the consumerist lifestyle of the modern world’.

The Midwest Book Review calls this ‘…one of the most accessible, applicable, and down-to-earth advice books available to non-specialist general readers with an interest in adapting their lifestyles to simpler rhythms, less intrusive demands, and more rewarding satisfactions.’

For more details, see www.lilypadlist.com

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