AArk Credit Cards

New affinity credit cards from Amphibian Ark!

There’s a new, convenient way for people who support Amphibian Ark to fund our work. And it fits in a wallet.

Amphibian Ark and CardPartner, Inc. have joined forces to launch the Amphibian Ark Visa affinity credit card. When a cardholder activates the card, Amphibian Ark receives $50. Then once a month for the life of the program, Amphibian Ark receives a check for a portion of every dollar that every cardholder charges.

Click one of the cards below for more information or to sign up for one of these striking cards.

You’ll be helping us to save amphibians across the planet!

* Unfortunately these credit cards are only available within the US.

Red-eyed Tree Frog credit card Panamanian Golden Frog credit card
Corroboree Frog credit card
Kihansi Spray Toad credit card
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