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Donation for the Large-crested Toad program

Africam Safari
Incilius cristatus, Africam Safari

Africam Safari in Puebla, Mexico, has established a captive breeding program for the Critically Endangered Large-crested Toad, Incilius cristatus. This program resulted in successful breeding for the first time in December 2012 and again in March 2013, and in July this year, some of the offspring from the first clutch were released into the wild by local schoolchildren from the Xocoyolo community. Education staff from Africam Safari taught the children about the importance of amphibians as environmental indicators, the importance of rivers and forests and the actions the children can take to protect their environment, before the children released the frogs.

Donations to this project will help with field staff and supplies for testing animals in the wild for chytrid fungus, and for ongoing support of the breeding animals at Africam Safari.