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New Jambatu frog house
Centro Jambatu

The New Jambatu Center for Amphibian Conservation

The Jambatu Center in Quito occupies a privileged position in the world of amphibian conservation. It sits at the gateway to some of the most biologically diverse areas of the planet, houses the largest living collection of endangered tropical amphibian species and operates as an international research facility gathering scientists from around the world.

In 2014, the Center started a new project to encourage the public’s awareness and participation in the center’s activities: The New Jambatu Center for Amphibian Conservation. It is a push to expand a research center’s function towards a more cultural model— one that may, on top of its scientific mission, promote a greater involvement of the public in the local conservation of frogs.

The design of a new building signals a critical chapter in the life of the center. It represents, on one hand, an important step towards improving the conditions of Jambatu’s labs and ranaria, and on the other, it shows a desire to share the center’s work with the local population—to bring the public into the sciences, to bring science into daily life.

The construction of the new center will start with the Public Frog House, to be completed in December 2014. Currently, the Jambatu Center has secured funding for 70% of the first phase of the project and is seeking for sponsorship from people or institutions interested in supporting the link between science and public awareness.

Your support will help this exciting new project to become a reality, and to further promote our amphibian conservation work in Ecuador.

For information see the detailed project information or e-mail lolaguarderas@wikiri.com.ec.