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Species Common name Countries Conservation Needs Assessment recommendation
Insuetophrynus acarpicus Barrio’s Frog Chile Rescue
Rhinoderma rufum Northern Darwin’s frog Chile Rescue
Telmatobufo bullocki Bullock’s Mountains False Toad Chile Ex situ research, in a program
Bradytriton silus Finca Chiblac Salamander Guatemala No captive recs.
Oreobates pereger Ayacucho Andes Frog Peru Not assessed
Eleutherodactylus richmondi Richmond’s Coqui Puerto Rico Rescue
Holoaden bradei Itatiaia Highland Frog Brazil Rescue
Hypodactylus lucida Cannatella’s Andes Frog Peru Not assessed
Chiropterotriton arboreus Arboreal Splayfoot Salamander Mexico Not assessed
Chiropterotriton lavae Pigmy Flat-footed Salamander Mexico Rescue
Pipa myersi Myers’ Surinam Toad Panama No captive recs.
Chiropterotriton chiropterus Common Splayfoot Salamander Mexico Not assessed
Chiropterotriton mosaueri Cave Splayfoot Salmander Mexico Rescue
Chiropterotriton magnipes Bigfoot Splayfoot Salamander Mexico No captive recs.
Megastomatohyla mixe Mixe Treefrog Mexico Rescue
Megastomatohyla pellita Oaxacan Yellow Treefrog Mexico Rescue
Chiropterotriton terrestris   Mexico Not assessed
Eleutherodactylus schmidti Schmidt’s Robber Frog Dominican Republic;Haiti Rescue
Parvimolge townsendi Townsend’s Salamander Mexico Rescue
Strabomantis helonotus   Ecuador Not assessed
Psychrophrynella guillei   Bolivia, Plurinational States of Rescue
Psychrophrynella illimani   Bolivia, Plurinational States of Ex situ research
Psychrophrynella kallawaya   Bolivia, Plurinational States of Not assessed
Psychrophrynella saltator   Bolivia, Plurinational States of No captive recs.
Eleutherodactylus poolei   Haiti No captive recs.
Oreobates zongoensis   Bolivia, Plurinational States of Rescue
Eleutherodactylus symingtoni Symington’s Robber Frog Cuba Ex situ research
Phytotriades auratus   Trinidad and Tobago Not assessed
Craugastor lineatus Montane Robber Frog Guatemala;Mexico No captive recs.
Cryptotriton monzoni   Guatemala No captive recs.
Pleurodema somuncurense El Rincon Stream Frog Argentina No captive recs., but in a program already
Pristimantis simonsii Paramo Andes Frog Peru No captive recs.
Charadrahyla altipotens Yellowbelly Voiceless Treefrog Mexico Rescue
Charadrahyla trux Spinefinger Treefrog Mexico Rescue
Eleutherodactylus albipes   Cuba Ex situ research
Eleutherodactylus parapelates Casillon Robber Frog Haiti Ex situ research
Dendrotriton chujorum   Guatemala Not assessed
Eleutherodactylus paulsoni Paulson’s Robber Frog Haiti No captive recs.
Oedipina tomasi Tomas’ worm salamander Honduras Not assessed
Agalychnis lemur Lemur Leaf Frog Colombia;Costa Rica;Panama Not assessed, rescue, rescue, in 3 programs
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