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Documents for download:

Amphibian Ark Fact Sheet, October 2008 Ark Fact Sheet.pdf

Amphibian Crisis Fact Sheet, October 2008 Crisis Fact Sheet.pdf

National Geographic Kids

Amphibian Ark brochure Brochure (new).pdf

Teach the Amphibian Crisis! the Amphibian Crisis.pdf

The Amphibian Project

The Amphibian Project is one of many Amphibian Ark partners around the world working hard to raise awareness and funds to rescue threatened amphibians. In addition to The Amphibian Project’s exemplary partnership with Africam Safari in Mexico to save the Critically Endangered large-crested toad, they have assembled a wonderful collection of amphibian-related curricular materials for school kids K-12, including activities for the classroom, the field, and ideas for fundraising to support amphibian conservation.

Please visit the Amphibian Project’s curriculum page and encourage your local school to use these amphibian-related curricula.

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