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There are many, very talented artists, photographers and musicians in the world, who feature amphibians in their work. We’re pleased to be able to promote some of these people on this page, and provide a selection of their work.

If you would like more information about any of the artists or their work, or would like to purchase any of their work, please contact the artists directly. Most of these people have generously agreed to contribute a portion of their sales income to the Amphibian Ark, for various amphibian conservation programs, so not only will you become the owner of some wonderful art and music, but you’ll be helping to save amphibians at the same time!

Please click on any of the thumbnails to view larger versions of the art.

We hope you will support these artists who in turn, support amphibian conservation!


If you are an artist, photographer or musician and would like us to include some of your work which features amphibians on this page, please contact


Madeline von Foerster – mixed oil and egg tempera

To create her unusual paintings, Madeline von Foerster uses a five century-old mixed technique of oil and egg tempera, developed by the Flemish Renaissance Masters. Although linked stylistically to the past, her paintings are passionately relevant to the present, as such timely themes as deforestation, endangered species, and war find expression in her work.

Von Foerster’s artworks are in collections around the world and have been featured in numerous publications, including a recent cover feature for Orion Magazine. She was named as one of the “Top Contemporary Surrealists” by Art and Antiques magazine. Born in San Francisco, von Foerster studied art in California, Germany and Austria, and currently resides in New York City.

The two paintings shown are:

The Tale of the Golden Toad (2011), 24″ x 36″, oil and egg tempera on panel, Limited edition Giclée print: $240
Frog Cabinet (2011), 18″ x 24″,oil and egg tempera on panel, Limited edition Giclée print: $240

Madeline will donate 25% of any print sale to Amphibian Ark, if you mention AArk when you contact her. Her email address is and her web site address is


The Indoorfins – Musicians



Since August of 1991, the Indoorfins have been navigating the waters of pop music in and around Lima, Ohio, weathering the time and tide of change, exploring the frontiers of electronic entertainment, all while evading the shackles of international superstardom. They’ve held audiences in auditoriums, bars, reception halls, fairs, tailgates, country clubs, high schools, camp grounds, even prisons, and their fan base includes, Boomers, Xers, Millenials, as well as New Silents.

Their originals have been featured on several radio stations, and they’ve written songs for the University of Pennsylvania’s, Penn Reading Project  and the Brooklyn Zoo. With their creative ambitions still in tact, there are plans of filming a documentary of their twenty years together along with videos to accompany their newest original music currently being recorded, all the while maintaining a rigorous live schedule.

Listen to the song Amphibian Ark by the Indoorfins, and you can also read the lyrics to the song. You can also follow the Indoorfins on their web site or their Facebook page.




Christopher Pope – Wildlife artist

Green Frog Limited edition print of 100
14 x 25cm, 320gsm Watercolour paper
AUD $165.00 each
  Frog #2 Study Limited edition print of 100
13.3 x 25cm, 320gsm Watercolour paper
AUD $165.00 each
  Green Frog & Fungi Limited edition of 50
38 x 19cm, 320gsm Watercolour paper
AUD $165.00 each


Born in Australia in 1970, my love for art and wildlife began early having spent my childhood in small South Australian country towns. Although I have studied illustration and art in various forms I am basically self-taught.

I have exhibited since 1995, with my works now hanging in various Australian and overseas collections. Many of my paintings have been published into limited edition prints and postage stamps, “Cocos (Keeling) Island Visiting Birds” 2008 & “Song birds of Australia” 2009, and recently released “Australian Kingfishers” on the 26th of October 2010.

I am currently represented by Main Street Gallery (Montville) Qld (

I hope my art will bring more awareness in the Preservation and Conservation of our beautiful and precious wildlife.

For other links to Galleries that my work is represented go to my web site, and for enquiries on orders for these prints please email me at



Laura Grogan BSc(Vet)(Hons) BVSc(Hons) AFC – veterinarian, wildlife researcher and artist

I am passionate about ecology, wildlife epidemiology and environmental conservation. Painting wildlife has always enabled me to share my interest in conservation with others. In particular, I’m interested in raising awareness about the plight of many of the less ‘enigmatic’ wildlife species, including many endemic Australian animals. I use black acrylic ink and Windsor & Newton Artists watercolours on Arches smooth hot-pressed 300g 100% cotton rag paper.

I am currently living in North Queensland, Australia, doing my PhD on the devastating fungal disease, chytridiomycosis, which is threatening frogs worldwide. I am fortunate to be one of 500 signature members of the Artists for Conservation foundation which is dedicated to supporting wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage. Please visit the foundation’s website:

You can purchase my original paintings here:
Cards and prints can be purchased here:
You can contact me through the websites listed above.

I hope to raise awareness about the conservation of biodiversity through my art and research. I will donate 50% of the profit from any original artworks sold to conservation organizations (including Amphibian Ark), and all proceeds from the sale of cards and prints go to supporting research on management strategies for frog population recovery.



Hilde Aga Brun – Artist

I am a Norwegian Artist. My main focus in my art is on heightening the awareness that “we are not alone” on this earth, but share it with all those beautiful vulnerable creatures that are part of the web of nature. A deeper awareness of their presence is for me a source for their protection. I have done different series on this theme that you can see on my web site,

The first time I put a frog in a painting was probably in 1989. Last year I took up frog and toad pastel drawing, as they became my neighbours and even cohabitants, where I moved, by an inland fiord in Norway. It started, as I discovered a frog in my living room. And found that a small family had bred in a water pipe in my basement. I had previously enjoyed drawing the awesome frogs, so why not do it again? This summer the event was repeated, and I picked up forty-five froglets from my basement, and two salamanders! I photographed these amazing creatures before releasing them into the garden.

Please visit my web site to see more of my art, or on the Artists For Conservation web site where you can buy my art, using PayPal or your credit card. I will donate 25% of sales on my photo prints to Amphibian Ark, and 15% of my originals.


Margaret Ingles – Artist

I am an Australian oil-on-canvas painter who has been living in Asia for over two decades. I have been painting frogs for three years now. But it all began with a frog on a doorknob! Actually, it started a few days before that, at a workshop where I was introduced to Zen master Matsuo Basho’s famous haiku about an old pond and a frog. For Basho, when the mind was stilled of all chatter, anything – even the jumping of a frog – could provide a portal for realization and enlightenment!

With haikus and frogs on the brain, I spotted him – a plump, golden tree frog perched on the kitchen door. He continued to sit there, while I photographed him, looking calm and wise and unperturbed.

My muse, this tree frog, unwittingly spawned not only “Basho’s Frog” but also a whole new series for me in order to help raise awareness, and funds, for the world’s amphibian extinction crisis.

I have had a lot of fun painting my frog series. I chose to depict them in human settings to symbolise the direct connection between them; man as both the source of the problem and, ultimately, the solution.

You can contact me and see more of my paintings and photos on my web site, I will dedicate 10 – 15% of sales of my frog paintings to Amphibian Ark – be sure to mention Amphibian Ark when placing contacting me.


Bryan Maltais – Photographer

As a child I disappeared for hours into the forest, returning home soaking wet and muddy in pursuit of frogs, much to the chagrin of my parents. Our basement became an amphibian zoo, within which I spent far more time than on school work or chores. I have no doubt that I owe my lifetime infatuation with nature to my experiences with amphibians. In college I chose to major in wildlife biology, with an emphasis on herpetology.

Today I’m a film maker and nature photographer. I produce archive quality, fine art prints, and conservation films focused on amphibians and their ecosystems. I’m particularly concerned with habitat fragmentation, and the deadly Chytrid fungus that’s threatening amphibians everywhere.

As an easy step to helping animals and ecosystems everywhere, I encourage people to consume fewer resources in their daily lives. I live in the majestic Rocky mountains where there are few amphibians to photograph, but one day I hope to visit the Amazon to document the amphibians there.

I’m pretty sure though that my films and photos are just an excuse to keep getting soaked and muddy in pursuit of wild things!

If you’ve found my website,, via Amphibian Ark, please email me when ordering a print to let me know!

I donate 15% to Amphibian Ark.


özi’s comix studio – cartoonist and illustrator

Do you need:

  • a comic to demonstrate steps of an operation?
  • an illustration to accompany your text?
  • an animation for your website or video-production?
  • a mascot for your company or club?
  • a caricature of your boss?
  • a creative, personalized gift?
  • graphics to design your advert more interestingly?

Then you have come to the right place!

özi recently made a contribution to the fascinating work of the Charles Darwin Research Station on the Galapagos with his illustrations, and has done a number of illustrations for the Amphibian Ark, including our Frog Match Maker logo.

Let özi’s work inspire you (see links above) and get in contact with him via email or phone. özi will donate a percentage of any work generated from this page to the Amphibian Ark, so be sure to mention us when you contact him!


Ted Schiffman: Photographer


Ted Schiffman is a skilled darkroom craftsman, he hand prints all his color photographs. They reflect the brilliant, natural and exciting world of color. His forte is the intimate, the close, the real… images that feast the eye and excite the imagination.

His work is published worldwide by The National Geographic Society, The Smithsonian Institution, The American Museum of Natural History, The U.S. Department of Interior, The World Wildlife Fund and Encyclopedias Americana and Britannica, among many others. The diverse subject matter includes endangered wildlife, a concentration of Vermont, New England landscapes, nautical, seasons, macro (close-up) and the National Parks throughout the United States.

Ted’s latest work, a stunning book called Treefrogs…prehistoric survivors with a global message, takes us on a photographic journey visiting the lilliputian world of treefrogs living in the backyard habitats we share. Remarkable survivors from prehistoric times, treefrogs evolved from early amphibians 250 million years ago. Having endured evolution, reptilian domination with the dinosaurs, and planetary upheaval, these petite gymnasts and nighttime musicians are delivering a colossal environmental message. Photographic instruction, information, and guidance are provided for the reader and the aspiring wildlife photographer in the section, “How the photographs were made.” This book will encourage any photographer to pursue macro photography of treefrogs with confidence.

Ted will donate 10% of all sales made through Amphibian Ark to AArk conservation programs. When ordering, please add a space after your name, and then the code AA10 e.g. John Doe AA10. This beautiful book can be ordered online at – be sure to add the AA10 code to your name when you order!

You can view and order many of Ted’s other beautiful images at his web site,


Ranae Kelley: Artist and Educator


As a small child I always had a fascination with reptiles and amphibians, from playing with garden snakes to saving the tadpoles from the receding puddles in the cul-de-sac. As I got older, I wanted to know more about them on a scientific level. I dissected a frog in school, and fell in love with dinosaurs. At the same time my love for art took its hold on me, and has never let go. I loved looking at all the beautiful colors of different amphibians, and they inspired me.

When I was almost finished with my college career, I felt I had hit a block in my imagination. I was bored with the works that I had been doing, and couldn’t find anything to inspire new ideas. I went home one day feeling defeated, and as I was feeding my two fired-belly toads it hit me. Why not draw the creatures that have been such a big part of my entire life! Thus my frog art was born, and from it I have had other works come forth from the inspiration that they gave me to continue my artwork.

To contact me, go to the contact page on my website

Thank you so much.

Ranae will donate 25% of the proceeds of her amphibian art sales to Amphibian Ark.


Amanda Makepeace – Visual Artist


Amanda Makepeace is a visual artist living and working near Athens, Georgia. Through her paintings and drawings she expresses her love of Nature and the diversity of life on Earth. The plight of frogs and all amphibians concerns her deeply and that’s why she supports Amphibian Ark.

A special section is set up in her Etsy shop, Nature’s Charms just for Amphibian Ark. Large drawings and paintings will contribute 20% from the sale price, and smaller works (ACEOs, Bookmarks and Bookplates) will contribute $1.00 from each sale. Custom orders are also welcome.


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