This page features a number of PowerPoint presentations that have been given by Amphibian Ark staff and our partners at various workshops and conferences. They may be downloaded and used freely, but credit should be given to the Amphibian Ark if these presentations are used in part, or in their entirety.

About the AArk

The global amphibian crisis

The AArk’s activities

Amphibian ex situ conservation training presentations

About the AArk

Who is the Amphibian Ark? Johnson (2008) 65 MB. Accomanying text 100 KB

Launching the Amphibian Ark Zippell (2008) 17.5 MB

Booking a Seat on the AArk Gibson & Johnson (2008) 4.5 MB

The global amphibian crisis

The Global Amphibian Crisis Johnson (2007) 23 MB

Confronting Amphibian Declines and Extinctions Zippell (2006) 7.5 MB

The AArk’s activities

The AArk’s Conservation Needs Assessment process Johnson (2009) 13 MB

Building Partnerships for Amphibian Conservation Zippel (2009) 23.5 MB

Capacity Building Zippel (2008) pdf file, 2.5 MB

Year of the Frog Zippel (2008) pdf file, 2.2 MB

The Year of the Frog (Australasia) Johnson (2007) 1.5 MB

Saving the Frog: A Landmark Learning Experience for Humankind – Fleishman-Hillard (2007) 1.5 MB

Amphibian ex situ conservation training presentations

Introduction (28.5 MB)

Biosecurity Zippel, Odum & McFadden (2008) 6.5 MB

Biosecurity in Amphibian Collections Gibson (2008) 5.5 MB

Chytridiomycosis Zippel, Odum & McFadden (2008) 6.5 MB

Ex situ Management Zippel (2008) 16 MB

Husbandry Odum (2008) 27 MB

Records and Population Management Zippel and Odum (2008) pdf file, 2 MB

Sexing and Identification Garcia and Bradfield (2008) 17 MB

Tadpoles Pramuk and McFaddedn (2008) 12 MB

Water Quality Zippel (2008) 27.5 MB

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