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Amphibian Ark » Our Donors 2017
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Our Donors 2017

The work of AArk is possible due to the generous support in 2017 of the following donors. We are extremely grateful for the grant and funding support of many organizations and individuals, which has allowed us to carry out a range of conservation workshops, provide Seed Grants to small start-up amphibian rescue projects, and undertake other capacity-building activities in range countries.

Up to $60,000

Chester Zoo George Rabb,
in honor of Mary Sughrue Rabb
Saint Louis Zoo

Up to $10,000

Anne Baker & Robert Lacy,
in memory of George Rabb
Chicago Zoological Society Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Louis Schauer Zoo Leipzig


Up to $5,000
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Ronna Erickson
Chandra Jessee
Kansas City Zoo
Bernard & Nancy Karwick
Nordens Ark
Paignton Zoo
Philadelphia Zoo
Raymond Picciano
Potawatomi Zoo
Sedgwick County Zoo
Singapore Zoological Gardens
Taipei Zoo
Kate Woodle, The Kuehlthau Family Foundation
Zoo de Barcelona

Up to $1,000
Abilene Zoological Gardens
Beastly Threads
El Paso Zoo
Jacksonville AAZK
Lee Richardson Zoo
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong
Rolling Hills Zoo
Sacramento Zoo
Alistair Ward
Woodland Park Zoo

Up to $500
Don & Sue Arnold
Casimir Borowski, Jr.
Buffalo Zoo
Charles Burnette
Center for Humans and Nature
Rudolf Cerny
David Corsini
Detroit AAZK
Fahim Dhalla
Douglas Fraser
Greater Sacramento AAZK
Lee Hall
Traci Hartsell
Gary Helfand
Julia Hertl
Da-Shih Hu
Lisa Johnson & Scott Barolo
Jens Felix Knoth
Katherine Madin
Margaret B. Marshall
Helen Medley
Midnight Sun AAZK
Natur und Tier Verlag
Michelle Rand


Crystal Robertson
Rosamond Gifford Zoo
Andrew Smith
Georgette Taylor
James Valiant
David & Marvalee Wake
Phoebe Weseley
Doug Widener
Brett Williams
Steven Worley

Up to $100
Robin Aronson
Roman Bodinek
John Boutet
Eithan Dudnik
Monique Canonico
Michael Christie
Fantasia Crystals
Ramona Fenner
Maria Ferrante
Valrie Fingerman
Marvin Goldberg
Elizabeth Goodman
Susan Handa
Chloe Harris
Chris Johnson
James King
Tomas Kraus
Kevin Mitchell
Matt Neff
Lisa Nupoff
Claire Pritchard
Sara Rex
Andrea Ross, in honor of George & Mary Rabb
Gregory Shchepanek
Strathmore School
Sara Viscarra
Lloyd & Mary Walker
Benjamin Winterbourne
Lore Wymetal

Up to $50
John Adams
Chris Carvalho
Ann Cordis
Sarah Cuypers
Leonard Epstein
For Mrs. Gordon & Mrs. Carlson, Tremont Elementary School
James Hanken
M Buffy Hodgetts
Craig Holloway
Vivienne Holm


Alyce Hopko
Dale Jenkins
Hannah Johnson
In memory of Nancy Loughlin, Williston Middle School
Max McBarron
Nikki Metcalfe
Pinckney Community Schools
Audra Riem
Christopher Simons
Ceil Slauson
Liam Southern
Francie & Doug Stotz
Barbara Trautner
Alethe Vassay
Georgeanne Wilcox
Stephanie Zimmerman, in memory of Jean-Frog & Claude

Up to $25
Kade Ariani
Sami Asad
David Botes
McKay Caruthers
Stephanie Davis
Elise Diesslin
Stephen C. Durand
David Etzkorn
Samantha Haddon
Matthew Hecht
Adrienne Hulf
Eric Johnson
Brandon Kong
Chris Linnell, in honor of George Rabb
Richard Mosko
Meghan Parsley
Daniel Pomfret
Jeremy Rothman-Shore
George Sommer
Ryan Toso
Elizabeth Tysor

Up to $10
Paul Babicki Babicki
Brayden Diehl
Rafael Pardo Espejel
David W. Livingston
Alicia Loeza
Tam Ly
In memory of Shirley Jean Weirich Martin
Raymond Provost
Joseph Rouleau
Don Smith
Meghan Tuten


And thank to everyone who supported the AArk during 2008, 20092010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.