Frightening Statistics

Numbers speak

30% (1,895): of 6,285 amphibian species assessed by the IUCN, are threatened with extinction. 6% (382) known to be Near Threatened and 25% (1,597) are Data Deficient; ~3,900 species are in trouble.

165: number of amphibian species believed to have already gone extinct, including 39 known to be extinct or extinct in the wild but still survives in captivity, and 130 not found in recent years and possibly extinct.

500: estimated number of amphibian species whose threats currently cannot be mitigated quickly enough to stave off extinction, i.e., those who require ex situ intervention.

10: number (not percentage) amphibian species that North American zoos are currently prepared to manage long-term.

50: that same number extrapolated (extreme best-case scenario) to the global zoo community.

10%: portion of amphibian species threatened with extinction that the global zoo community is at best currently prepared to manage.

1: the number of amphibian species for which each of the 500 largest WAZA zoos and aquariums must take responsibility as a stopgap to stem the losses.

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