Amazing Amphibian Species

Biodiversity is the backbone of all life on earth and Amazing Amphibians celebrates some of the amazing amphibians around us, promote the fantastic work taking place to protect them and highlight the areas we still need to work on.


Sunset FrogSunset Frog

Laotian NewtLaotian Newt

Long-nosed Horned FrogLong-nosed Horned Frog

Green and Golden Bell FrogGreen and Golden Bell Frog

Northern Spectacled SalamanderNorthern Spectacled Salamander

Pickersgill's Reed FrogPickersgill’s Reed Frog

Sri Lankan Kandyan Dwarf ToadSri Lankan Kandyan Dwarf Toad

Montseny Brook NewtMontseny Brook Newt

Tomato FrogTomato Frog

Gorgan Mountain SalamanderGorgan Mountain Salamander

Southern Corroboree FrogSouthern Corroboree Frog

Ichthyophis- eddomeiBeddome’s Caecilian

Neurergus microspilotusKurdistan Newt

Sharp-ribbed NewtSharp-ribbed Newt

White-bellied FrogWhite-bellied Frog

Mantella aurantiacaGolden Mantella

Phyllomedusa cambaPhyllomedusa camba

Karpathos FrogKarpathos Frog

Discoglossus nigriventerHula Painted Frog

Nectophrynoides asperginisKihansi Spray Toad

Archey's FrogArchey’s Frog

Raorchestes halazodesChalazodes Bubble-nest Frog

Leptophryne cruentataBleeding Toad

Neurergus kaiseriLuristan Newt

Atylodes geneiSardinian Cave Salamander

Balabreviceps hillmaniEthiopian Short-headed Frog

Cryptobranchus alleganiensisHellbender

Ecnomiohyla rabborumRabbs’ Fringe-limbed Treefrog

Minyobates steyermarkiDemonic Poison Frog

Gymnopis multiplicataGymnopis multiplicata

Lithodytes lineatusLithodytes lineatus

Rana sevosaDusky Gopher Frog

Plectrohyla dasypusSpike-thumb Frog

Eleutherodactylus nortoniSpiny Giant Frog Hyalinobatrachium ibamaGlass Frog

Amazing Amphibians was inspired by the widely popular “Amazing Species” weekly web initiative which is run by the Species Survival Commission and supported by the IUCN Global Species Programme to increase the awareness of our globally threatened species.

It was a collaborative effort between:

Senior Partners

Amphibian Specialist Group Amphibia Web Amphibian Ark iNaturalist.orgGlobal Amphibian BioBlitz

Focal Partners



ARKive Synchronicity Earth Amphibian Research & Conservation