Donation for the Scinax alcatraz program

São Paulo Zoo, Cybele Lisboa

The Alcatraz Snouted Tree Frog, Fundação Parque Zoológico de São Paulo, BrazilScinax alcatraz is a tree frog, endemic to Alcatrazes Island and is listed as “Critically Endangered”. Part of the island belongs to the Brazilian navy, and it is used as a target practice by navy ships. This practice often causes spot fires on the island and consequently destroys the bromeliads, the habitat of the S. alcatraz. For this reason the establishment of a captive breeding program, as well as maintaining a viable population in captivity at the Fundação Parque Zoologico de São Paulo in Brazil, is really necessary and urgent.

Donations to this project will go towards raising public awareness of this plight of this species. Sao Paulo Zoo is planning to have some of these frogs on display and new educational materials are needed at the exhibit to link to the conservation project and to raise awareness with zoo visitors.