Amphibian Ark staff are incredibly fortunate to have a large group of professional associates who regularly offer their services to support our amphibian conservation work. Collectively, the following people have contributed many hundreds of hours of their time to share their expertise and help with workshop facilitation, instructing at training courses and chairing advisory groups. We’d like to sincerely thank all of these people, and their respective institutions for their support of these people.

  • Danny Beckwith (Birch Aquarium at Scripps) – Volunteer Creative Officer
  • Jamie Copsey (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust) – Husbandry workshop instructor
  • Paul Crump (Houston Zoo) – Assessment facilitator
  • Ron Gagliardo (Amazon) – Husbandry workshop instructor
  • Gerardo Garcia (Chester Zoo) – Husbandry workshop instructor
  • Richard Gibson (Auckland Zoo) – Taxon management officer
  • Kristin Leus (CBSG) – Co-chair of Population Management Advisory Group
  • Rhiannon Lloyd – Biobanking officer
  • Gerry Marantelli (ARC) – Husbandry workshop instructor
  • Michael McFadden (Taronga Zoo) – Husbandry workshop instructor
  • Joe Mendelson (Zoo Atlanta) – Scientific advisor
  • Jennifer Mickelberg (Zoo Atlanta) – Husbandry/population management workshop instructor
  • Andy Odum (Toledo Zoo) – Husbandry workshop instructor
  • Allan Pessier (San Diego Zoo) – Chair of Biosecurity Advisory Group, consulting veterinarian
  • Jenny Pramuk (Woodland Park Zoo) – Husbandry workshop instructor
  • Mike Ready (private) – Husbandry workshop instructor
  • Sam Rivera (Zoo Atlanta) – Consulting veterinarian
  • Rachel Rommel, (private) – Volunteer Education Officer
  • Ollie Ryder (San Diego Zoo) – Chair of the Biobanking Advisory Group
  • Kristine Schad (AZA) – Co-chair of Population Management Advisory Group
  • Micky Soorae (IUCN RSG) – Chair of Re-introduction Advisory Group
  • Brad Wilson (private) – Consulting veterinarian, Husbandry workshop instructor
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