Our Donors

The work of AArk is possible due to the generous support in 2020 and 2021 of the following donors. We are extremely grateful for the grant and funding support of many organizations and individuals, which has allowed us to carry out a range of conservation workshops, provide Seed Grants to small start-up amphibian rescue projects, and undertake other capacity-building activities in range countries.

Up to $60,000

The estate of George and Mary Rabb Bernard & Nancy Karwick

Up to $10,000

Anne Baker & Robert Lacy,
in memory of George Rabb
Zoo Leipzig


Up to $5,000
Robin Anderson
Ronna Erickson
Kansas City Zoo
Nordens Ark
Saint Louis Zoo
Sedgwick County Zoo
Singapore Zoological Gardens
Taipei Zoo
Alistair Ward

Up to $1,000
Jacob E.
Jessee Gift Fund
Philadelphia Zoo
Michelle Rand
Frances & Howard Schloss Family Philanthropic Fund
Nathan Spaun
Woodland Park Zoo

Up to $500
Aquazoo – Löbbecke Museum
Beastly Threads
Buffalo Zoo
Davis Breen
Charles Burnette
Rachael Creager
Fahim Dhalla
Jonathan Foise
Ron Gagliardo
Cassandra Giannousis
Julia Hertl
Da-Shih Hu
Raymond Picciano
Ella Rowan
Andrew Smith
George Sommer


Georgette Taylor
Brendan Wenzel
Brett Williams

Up to $100
Leopold Avallone
Amiran Berman
Roman Bodinek
Monique Canonico
Chris Carvalho
Eithan Dudnik
Marvin Goldberg
Susan Handa
Traci Hartsell
Chris Johnson
Tomas Kraus
Ron & Joanne Lane
Lubomyr Luciuk
Eamon Matthews
Kevin Mitchell
Poppy Ostrowski
Claire Rosser
Kamil Sudiyarov
Madeleine Sullivan Murphy
Margaret Trautner
Brian Ugurlu
Lori Van Allen
David & Marvalee Wake
Bruce Weber
Stephanie Zimmerman

Up to $50
Jonathan Brater
Joseph Cannizzaro
David Corsini
Karen Crumley
Matthew D’Ambrosio
Valrie Fingerman
Torey Haas


Alyce Hopko
Terry Keiser
Shaun Miller
Tracy Tallar
Henry Thomas
Stuart Weeks
Douglas Widener
Georgeanne Wilcox

Up to $25
Anonymous B
Tara Bowden
McKay Caruthers
Steve Greco
Mary Lew Kehm
Danielle Levin
Milla Louann
Coral Miller
Alessandro Mastrorocco
Erik Paul
Dan Pomfret
Emily Serven
Rebecca Walden, in memory of Ken Walden

Up to $10
Laura Brown
Daniel Gribble
Melinda Halicki
Mikail Kane
Noriko Logan
Jesus Sanchez Olivero
Basil Parks
Dashiell Rich
James Thorne
Mike Tufly
Eleanor Whitenack