Amphibian Assisted Reproductive Technologies webinar videos

During late 2021 and in early 2022, Amphibian Ark and the IUCN SSC ART and Biobanking Working Group jointly presented a series of webinars. These webinars were aimed at professionals in the area of ​​amphibian management, reproduction and conservation, and especially threatened amphibians. The amphibian Assisted Reproductive Technologies webinar videos are displayed below with an image. Click on each video image to view the presentation. The complete set of videos is also available as a playlist on YouTube.

Series 1: Assisted reproduction in amphibians

Introduction: What are Assisted Reproductive Technologies, why and when to use them?

Presented by: Gina Della Togna, Cecilia Langhorne and Natalie Calatayud

What is endocrinology? How can we use it to improve ART?

Presented by: Vance Trudeau

Reproduction in anurans: Male and female reproduction

Presented by: Gina Della Togna and Natalie Calatayud

Reproduction in salamanders: Male and female reproduction

Presented by: Ruth Marcec

Series 2. Assisted reproductive technologies in amphibians: Part I
ART series2, 5

Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Welfare considerations for protocol development

Presented by: Aimee Silla and Natalie Calatayud

ART series 2, 6

Hormone therapies to induce spawning, spermiation and ovulation in amphibians

Presented by: Aimee Silla and Ruth Marcec-Greaves

ART series 2, 7

Sperm and egg quality assessments

Presented by: Leah Jacobs, and Rose Upton

Ultrasound as a reproductive monitoring tool for amphibians

Presented by: Monica Stoops, Ruth Marcec-Greaves, Derek Benson and Natalie Calatayud

Series 3. Assisted reproductive technologies in amphibians: Part II
Gamete cryopreservation – anurans and caudates

Presented by: Rose Upton, Cecilia Langhorne, Gina Della Togna, Ruth Marcec, Rebecca Hobbs and Justine O’Brien

Application for sperm biobanking: in situ sperm collection and artificial fertilization

Presented by: Rose Upton, Simon Clulow, John Clulow, Cecilia Langhorne and Natalie Calatayud

Using Artificial Fertilisation for the genetic Management of Amphibians

Presented by: Phillip Byrne and Aimee Silla