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Completed assessments
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Amphibian Ark Taxon Officers help to coordinate all aspects of implementation within the AArk initiative, including helping AArk partners in identifying priority taxa for in situ (in the field) and ex situ (in captivity) conservation work. The first part of this process involves assessing amphibian species to identify priority species and their immediate conservation needs. Ex situ conservation of a threatened amphibian species is considered a necessity when the imperative of in situ conservation cannot by itself ensure the survival of a species and its ecosystem. A complete description of our assessment process is available in English and in Spanish. Assessment results are used to develop national and species-level action plans.

Between 2007 and 2014 AArk staff and our partners held 26 national or regional Conservation Needs Assessment workshops, and in early 2015 the process was migrated to an online program at All assessment results can be viewed in the online program, and the resulting recommended conservation actions for each species can be viewed in detail in the National Recommended Conservation Actions report. Recommendations can be viewed by country and/or by type of conservation action.


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