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2022 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

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10-year reportAArk 10-year report

In 2016 the Amphibian Ark turned 10, and to celebrate, we produced a Ten-Year Review that highlights our accomplishments over the past decade.

5-year report coverGlossy 5-year report

In March 2012, AArk produced a full-color, 44-page report “Amphibian Ark – Five years since the launch” highlighting our activities during our first five years.

Seed Grant Progress Reports

In November 2013 we produced a report which includes updates from each of the seed grant recipients on the progress of their projects. Low resolution (8.8 MB) and high resolution (33.5 MB) versions of the report are available.

Amphibian Husbandry Documents

A range of documents and presentations relating to amphibian husbandry can be found on our Husbandry Documents web page.

Science and Research

The Amphibian Ark Science and Research page provides a range guide for amphibian research. The portal also offers an insight into the research needs of amphibian conservation breeding programs. The primary document is the Amphibian Conservation Research Guide

Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessment Data

AArk Taxon Officers and others have held a number of national and regional meetings around the world to assist these regions to prioritize their local amphibian species for conservation planning programs. The resulting data resulting from these workshops is available on the Conservation Needs Assessment results page. Our Conservation Needs Assessment process is outlined in a pdf file which is also available in Spanish.

A process for assessing and prioritizing species conservation needs: going beyond the Red List – this article describing the Conservation Needs Assessment was published in the journal Oryx in June 2018. Supplementary material is also available.

See the Conservation Needs Assessment workshop page for more information about these workshops and the species evaluation process.

AArk books

The Unite for Literacy team works with its partners to develop a wide range of free, online children’s books, narrated in multiple languages, to celebrate language, culture and a love of reading. The first five books produced by the AArk team can be found on AArk’s “bookshelf” on the Unite for Literacy web site.

Fantastic Frogs Super Salamanders Amphibian Heroes

The Amphibian Crisis and the AArk

Frog terrariumAmphibians as Pets – Considering an amphibian pet? Growing up with tadpoles in your backyard or classroom is a great way to learn about and appreciate the natural world. Some amphibians make excellent pets for enjoyment and education. However, keeping an amphibian (or any pet) in captivity is a real commitment to its well-being for the entirety of its possibly very long life.

AArk position statement on US amphibian trade proposal

Amphibian crisis poster – Large format (4.5 MB), small format (500 KB)
A great-looking poster about the amphibian crisis, what’s being done, who’s helping, and AArk’s involvement.

Amphibian Ark 5-panel brochure
Full color, 5-panel brochure about the Amphibian Ark and the amphibian crisis

Amphibian Ark tri-fold brochure (original version)
Full color, tri-fold brochure about the Amphibian Ark and the amphibian crisis

AArk frog mask – Cut out your very own AArk frog mask and wear it with pride to show you care about amphibians!

Amphibian species fact sheets on the AArk web site

Amphibian Ark Fact Sheet, October 2008
Basic facts about the Amphibian Ark and the amphibian crisis

Amphibian Crisis Fact Sheet, October 2008
Basic facts about the amphibian crisis

Summary of the Amphibian Ark
What is the AArk?

AArk Publications

Carrillo, L., Johnson, K. and Mendelson, J.R. III (2015). Principles of Program Development and Management for Amphibian Conservation Captive Breeding Programs. International Zoo News Vol. 62. No. 2 (2015), pp. 96-107.

Johnson, K., Baker, A., Buley, K., Carrillo, L., Gibson, R., Gillespie, G., Lacy, R.C., and Zippel, K. (2018). A process for assessing and prioritizing species conservation needs: going beyond the Red List. Oryx. doi:10.1017/S0030605317001715. Supplementary material.

Johnson, K. (2015). Online Conservation Needs Assessments. FrogLog 23 (3) Number 115:6-8

Johnson, K. and Carrillo, L. (2021). Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessments, FrogLog, 28 (2) Number 123:26-28.

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Johnson, K., Zippel K, Gagliardo, R., and Townsend, E. (2012). Amphibian Ark: Five Years Since the Launch. Amphibian Ark.

Johnson, K. (2011). Amphibian Conservation Needs Assessment Workshop for the Caribbean Region. IRCF Reptiles & Amphibians 18(3):144-147.

Johnson, K. (2011). An Update on Recent Amphibian Ark Activities. WAZA News 1/11:19-20.

Pavajeau, L., Zippel, K.C., Gibson R. and Johnson, K. (2008). Amphibian Ark and the 2008 Year of the Frog Campaign. Int. Zoo Yb. (2008) 42: 24-29.

Schad, K., ed. (2008). Amphibian Population Management Guidelines. Amphibian Ark Amphibian Population Management Workshop; 2007 December 10-11; San Diego, CA, USA. 31 p.

Zippel, K., Johnson, K., Gagliardo, R., Gibson, R., McFadden, M., Browne, R., Martinez, C. and Townsend, E. (2011). The Amphibian Ark: a global community for ex situ conservation of amphibians that cannot currently be safeguarded in situ. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 6(3):340–352.

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Zippel, K., R. Lacy, and O. Byers (eds.) 2006. CBSG/WAZA Amphibian Ex Situ Conservation Planning Workshop Final Report. IUCN/SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, Apple Valley, MN, USA.

AArk Videos

AmphibianArk, The IndoorfinsAmphibian Ambassadors

30% Less – No one wants 30 less of anything!

Amphibian Ark – A song by the Indoorfins

Promotional video (2012), very high resolution (3 minutes, 314 MB)

Leaping Ahead of Extinction (2012) Long version (2 minutes, 87 MB)

Leaping Ahead of Extinction (2012) Long version (1.5 minutes, 70 MB)

2008 Year of the Frog Documents

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