Every one of us shares the responsibility for taking care of the planet, and its inhabitants, including amphibians, which face a level of threat never before experienced by a class of animals. Helping others to understand about the plight of amphibians, their roles in the ecosystem, and the steps we can all take to help save them is critical to our success.  The Amphibian Ark’s education pages provide access not only to a wealth of information for schools and universities, but to educational material of interest to anyone who cares about amphibians and our environment.

For general information about amphibians, see our What are Amphibians? page.

Our collection of species fact sheets is constantly expanding, with more species being added all the time. Why not check out great information about some of the more threatened amphibian species.

Our curriculum materials page includes a vast selection of school programs, compiled by The Amphibian Project Team, for use by biology and life science educators. It also includes additional links to amphibian education sites on the web.

Why not sit back and enjoy some of our great videos! We have videos from some of our Patrons, TV stars and even from royalty, about a wide range of issues. You’ll also find videos showing how scientists in the field collect samples from amphibians for testing for chytrid fungus.

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